foto is ISABEL YOUSOUFIAN was born in Rosario, Argentina, where from an early age she learns to draw and paint under the guidance of her teacher Mario Troiano, in his Taller de Arte para Niños (Workshop for Children). After having lived in Caracas, Venezuela, she returns to Argentina in 1980, and takes up residence in Buenos Aires.Isabel then devotes her time to the study of foreign languages: besides Armenian, her family´s original tongue, she learns English, French, Italian and German.

The artist also participates in the literary world through the presentation of books and translations.

She attends seminaries and history of art courses, directed by Jorgelina Orfila, Cecilia Balza and Hugo Petruchansky.

Since 1997, her artistic education unfolds at the workshops of Ariel Mlynarzewicz, Ernesto Pesce, Claudina Flores, Andrés Waissman and Juan Astica.

Participations: Painting Salons, Exhibitions, Honours and Books:


  • Alliance Française, Parisian Monsters and Masks.

    Curator: Juan Astica.

  • Selected by the British Art Centre to hold a solo exhibition in 2015.
  • Recoleta Cultural Centre, Mixtures.
  • Art Gallery A Hotel, Collective exhibition, Autumn.

    Curator: Vicky Pelaez.


  • Recoleta Cultural Centre, Mixtures.
  • Arte Punta Uruguay. International Art Fair of Contemporary Art, Diversity.


  • Borges Cultural Centre, Collective Exhibition: 5 at a time.

    Curator: Juan Astica.

  • Thames Gallery, Solo Exhibition: Des-atados (Un-chained).

Curator: Mabel Ibarra.

  • Clásica y Moderna Gallery, Solo Exhibition: Verticals, organics, unlaced and enlaced.

Curator: Gachi Prieto.

  • Faculty of Agronomy (University of Buenos Aires), Collective Exhibition: Co-Relatos (Co-relate).
  • Recoleta Cultural Centre, Mixtures.
  • Book: The ian in Argentine contemporary art, by Diana Dergarabetian.
  • Faculty of Law (University of Buenos Aires). Collective Exhibition: Co-Relatos(Co-relate).

    Curator: Juan Astica.

  • Tekeyan Cultural Centre. Exhibition between the two of us??: Even so.

Curator: Julio Aranovich.


  • International ArtExpo New York – The Mosaic Project.
  • Braque Summer Salon. Jury Mention.


  • Art Centre “La Casa de Palermo”. Collective Exhibition (Sculptural Ceramics).